Makita 18V Inflator DMP180Z

by Makita
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•Digital Display Screen high visibility display screen allows
you to clearly see the pre set air pressure, as well as the
current air pressure. The added backlight makes it ideal for
use at any time of the day or night
•Onboard accessory storage accessories for various
inflation points stored on the front of the housing for added
•LED Job Light bright white LED illuminates the object
being inflated enabling inflation in dark places or at night
•Main Switch eliminates the risk of unexpected start up
during transportation
•Trigger Switch one finger trigger switch allows the
operator to comfortably operate the tool
•Auto Stop Function automatically stops inflation at the
selected air pressure
•0.83MPa Max Air Pressure delivers 6.2L/min @ 0.7MPa |
10L/min @ 0.2 MPa

Max Air Pressure-0.83MPa (121psi)

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