Kincrome 4-in-1 Indexing Head Soldering Iron Kit K15350

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SKU K15350
  • Ideal soldering kit for applications such as: automotive repairs, general electronics, jewellery, in and around the office, workshop, job site, home or wherever mobile repairs are needed
  • Tough metal storage case
  • Max soldering tip temperature: 450°C (842°F)
  • 3 position, indexing head, refillable butane soldering iron
Power Output range 30 - 120 W
Fuel Type Butane / Butane-Propane Mixture
Gas fuel storage 9.2 g
Operating Time 45-60 min
Flame type Pin-Point Flame
Flame temperature Up to 1300°C (2372°F)
Soldering tip temperature Up to 450°C (842°F)
Hot air temperature Up to 600°C (1112°F)
Weight 0.104 kg

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