Kincrome 28 Piece Impact Bit Set K21009

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SKU K21009
  • Torsion Control zone - Absorbs extreme torque loads to optimise control whilst preventing fastener cam-out, extending the lifetime of your impact bit.
  • Magnetic Precision Tip - CNC machined tips offer a precise fit to prevent stripping and fastener cam-out, magnetised for ultimate control
  • Impact Performance - PTA is uniquely designed for extreme impact and torque applications. This accessory is manufactured from S2 steel, machined and heat treated
  • Magnetic Extreme C-Clip Coupler - Impact rated for high torque applications, driver bit is retained with a magnet and our EXTREME strength C-Clip. Our coupler has been designed so the driver bit will NOT eject free when in use.
    NOTE: driver bit is NOT removable by hand, pliers will need to be used to remove the bit. For regular bit changes, use the Kincrome Quick Release Coupler
Bit Sizes - 25 mm PH1, PH3, T27, T30, HEX3, HEX4, HEX5
Bit Sizes - 50 mm PH2 x 3, SQ2, SQ3, HEX5, HEX6
Bit Sizes - 75 mm PH2 x 2, SQ2 x 2, HEX5 x 2
Bit Sizes - 100 mm PH2 x 3, SQ2, HEX5, T20, T25
Accessories 75 mm magnetic bit coupler extreme

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