Exitrax Recovery Tracks - Green 1110mm Pair

by Exitrax
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Unlike recovery boards that feature a ramp or incline on one or both ends, Mean Mother has turned that concept on its head and created the Exitrax recovery boards with a radical new design that decreases the front end extraction angle to dramatically improve vehicle recovery. Its clever design and construction virtually eliminates wheel spin and significantly enhances tyre grip throughout the entire extraction process resulting in easier and more successful recoveries.

The 1110 series is a full-size recovery board of 1110mm that is constructed entirely of polypropylene for excellent strength, durability and flexibility along with the addition of specially moulded grip cleats for that extra kick of traction. These are the ones to grab if you’re a regular weekend adventurer with a medium to large four-wheel drive.

The new Mean Mother Exitrax recovery boards are the perfect base to build the ultimate recovery kit – or add a quick and easy extraction method to your advanced recovery gear.


  • Designed in Australia and manufactured in New Zealand.
  • A  ‘full size’ board that is made from specially formulated polypropylene for flexibility and impact strength
  • Combination of nodules and cleats to help tyres of all tread types to engage and gain traction of board surface
  • Suitable for use in sand, dirt and mud
  • 1110mm Long

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