Dual Action 3/8" Dr 59 Piece Thin Wall Impact Socket Set 10145901

by Action
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SKU 10145901

Professional Dual Purpose Sockets are specifically engineered for the needs of the professional technician, Dual Action sockets and accessories provide unparalleled versatility by allowing easy switching between the precision and access of a hand tool with the power of air and cordless impact tools. Dual Action sockets are made from the best material (chrome-molybdenum alloy steel) Action uses a drop forging process to form it's sockets. This is followed by precise heat treatment and surface hardening treatment to deliver unsurpassed material strength, hardness and superior surface durability.


7-22mm & 5/16-1" Sockets, 72 Tooth Ratchet Handle with Quick Change Chuck. 75 & 150mm Extension Bar

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